The Cuteness

The Cuteness

A comedic compilation of the best animal videos on the web.

How to Nyan Cat

How to make a Nyan costume for your cat! You’re just a few steps away from making your favorite meme a reality. A yummy idea for Halloween or or any day. Mmmmm cherry poptarts…

Valentine’s Day

Lily celebrates Valentine’s Day and the little known holiday that comes after: National Break-up Day. Get out your glitter glue and red construction paper and join us as we write passive aggressive notes to loved ones!


Cat Lady PSA

Cat Ladiness affects one in ten Americans, and five in ten Reddit users. Recent studies show that Femil-Feline Syndrome is spreading to a younger and younger demographic. Chances are you or someone you know could be suffering right now. Watch this video to learn about the symptoms.


Adoption Episode! A very special episode of The Cuteness w/ Lily Feinn in which we get in touch with our feelings, reveal some secrets and eventually storm out of the room screaming, “you’re not my real mom!”

Halloween Special 2

Happy Halloween from The Cuteness! We’ll show you how to best costume your pet so it stands out from the rest. No one wants to see another puppy pumpkin…Boooooorrring!